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Rally the Greys

3 Nov 2020


Rally the Greys
A constructive meeting was held recently between The British Horse Society Scotland and Royal Scots Dragoon Guards to discuss equestrian training for army personnel working towards undertaking ceremonial duties mounted on the iconic Scottish military grey horses. The BHS Equine Excellence Pathway will be used to take riders through spur courses from non-rider to rider quick time. This is a great partnership bringing benefits to both the SCOTS DG and The British Horse Society. BHS Scotland was a delighted to be presented with an amazing history of the Regiment and hear the long-term plans to “Rally the Greys” once again.














Picture from L to R 
Cpl Ian Pragnell
Lt Alex Humphries
Capt Michael Houstoun 
Mrs Loraine Young BHS Scotland Chairman
Helene Mauchlen BHS Scotland National Manager 

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