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A winter message

25 Nov 2020


As winter and the shortening days make caring for the horse even more pleasurable (we love winter riding and a well-cared for equine that is able to stand up to our weather) its time to take the lead from the careful hedgehog and replenish yourself with something similar to hibernation by slowing down, cooking and reading. And this year more than ever the push toward being solitary and withdrawing into the firelight will be easier than usual and maybe we will read more.

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Horses have for centuries been used in folk lore as a revered animal; we never really ate them in the Western world as they have been held, in such high esteem as a symbol of strength, nobility and wealth. The winter horse is truly a special thing, look how they celebrate “Mari Lwyd” (Grey Mare) with a hooden horse in Wales. We all work hard to afford our horses and in 2020 they have brought us more comfort than ever. So, from The BHS Scotland to you this winter enjoy a peaceful and safe festive season with your equine companion and we look forward to making life even better for you and your horse next year.

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