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Update of the BHS Scotland Competition Series

8 Jan 2020


We are now inviting Riding Clubs and Agricultural Shows to apply for Working Hunter Blair Qualifiers 2020.

Over the last years the number of qualifiers in certain areas have been huge. While we are delighted that our series are so popular this certainly dilutes the quality of our series and number of finalists as the same riders qualify at the multiple shows. The series is becoming increasingly costly for us to run as well, so with this in mind we are implementing the following new rules, which will to apply to all qualifiers:

The Dodson & Horrell  / BHS Scotland Working Hunter Riding Club Series will only be awarded to Riding Clubs. Agricultural Shows should apply for the Open Working Hunter. If a class has less than 4 entries only the winner will qualify for the Championships. 

The Hope Homes / BHS Scotland Open Working Hunter Riding Series (note new sponsor) will only be awarded to Agricultural Shows . Riding Clubs should apply for the Riding Club Working Hunter. If a class has less than 4 entries only the winner will qualify for the Championships. 

No agricultural show or RC will be awarded both qualifiers, even if this has been the case in the past. We had incidents of shows running our qualifiers without informing us ‘because they have had them in the past’. Please note that we will no longer honour these results. Unless you had confirmation of running a qualifier for 2020 prior to your event, you are not permitted to do so.

We will make discretionary exceptions for remote regions, such as Orkney, Shetland and the Western Isles where clubs and shows can apply to run both qualifiers as there is no other opportunity in reasonable travel distance. If you think you might qualify for such a regional exception, please contact  

We appreciate your support and understanding in this matter. If we do not implement these important changes and reduce the cost of qualifiers we might no longer able to run them. We are also very conscious that we want to offer a high quality series with an exciting final at Blair and ensure the best riders have a chance to come forward.

All competitors must comply with the BRC guidelines on vaccinations for qualifying competitions.

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