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Fancy wild camping with your horse? Follow the Guidance!

26 Aug 2020

Fancy wild camping with your horse, then here is the guide for you 

The British Horse Society in Scotland has developed the first ever guidance note for people wanting to enjoy wild and informal camping with their horses; offering advice, top tips, where to camp and how to contain your horse in open countryside.
The resource which puts equine welfare and safety as well as  consideration for others first has been produced in response to the growing amount of  horse people undertaking “camp rides” which offer greater flexibility and freedom on a trip and the clear need for education as many recreationalists, walkers, cyclists as well as horse rider take to the wilderness  for overnight trips this summer and a growing negativity towards wild camping.
Under the Scottish Outdoor Access Code; wild camping defined as “lightweight, done in small numbers for only two or three nights in one place” is allowed and generally relates to remote areas, accessed on foot, cycle, horseback or by kayak. While there is no legal obligation to obtain landowners permission before overnight wild camping with a horse the BHS recommends that asking is appreciated and may even lead to the farmer knowing a more suitable camping spot.
This is very different to “informal” or “freedom” camping with a motorised vehicle without the permission of the landowner.  Access rights in Scotland specifically exclude motorised vehicles and camping alongside or within a vehicle, You need the permission of the landowner or manager to take any vehicle across their land or to stay in it overnight.  

The new resource can be found and read here

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