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Sam York FBHS in Scotland

11 Nov 2019

Two full days of CPD took place on Sunday 3 November 2019 at Easterton Farm Park and on Monday 4 December 2019 at Chapelton Equestrian Centre, Inverness. A couple of lessons were given by Sam on the Saturday afternoon prior to the CPD Days.
The CPD days were focused on the BHS Challenge Awards and were instrumental in promoting innovative and enjoyable ways of delivering the Challenge awards to our accredited coaches. They also showed coaches how technology can be used to enhance learning and rider understanding and ultimately to improve equine welfare.  The days were open to everybody and riders, coaches and proprietors were able to find out more about the challenge awards including the riding,  lunging and care. During the two CPD days more coaches were trained up in order to deliver Challenge Awards in their area.
Both BHS Approved Centres were key to delivering these CPD days and organised exceptional demo riders for these days and did an amazing job hosting these CPD days.
Sam York FBHS certainly inspired lots of members and coaches and the coaches now feel they are a step closer and highly motivated to delivering the challenge awards.

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