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Making BHS Proud

2 Dec 2019


In 2019 BHS Scotland broke the 8k member mark and we saw all fifteen of our regional committees actively improving the lives of horses in their respective areas. In our vast and sometimes remote Scotland third sector organisations are so important to the delivery of community good in their chosen fields and BHS Scotland are justly proud of our charitable aims and dedicated representatives.

During last year we consulted with government and society on a wide range of policy matters including dog control,  transport and road safety strategies and animal welfare matters. In equestrian  Access we actively focused on multiuse routes and successful sharing with cyclists and other access takers. We are learning all the time the best surfaces that suit a variety of users and spreading key messages that induce harmony on paths and tracks. In equine welfare we worked hard to educate on strangles and equine flu keeping our equine partners healthy and well. BHS Scotland is 55 years in 2020 so we plan to be even better at prioritising and we look forward to engaging with as many horse owners, lovers and riders as we can in our quest to make Scotland the best part of Britain to be a horse or pony.

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