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Dressage Training the Adam Kemp Way

26 Jan 2019

BHS Scotland welcomed Adam Kemp FBHS in November to deliver two CPD days on Dressage in the east and west of Scotland respectively. Altogether nearly 130 coaches turned out to enjoy the day and the feedback was entirely positive; direct, analytical without being boring, with an absorbing, and at time amusing delivery Adam kept his demo riders busy at the same time as reaffirming in our coaches the notion that horses are straightforward and equitation simple –given the correct training.

“Dressage is simple as horses can only do six things, go forwards and backwards, left and right or up and down  (if they go down you are in trouble!)” was his opening gambit and he went on from there to show at its best the horse can only be as good as its rider and the rider as good as their coach. How equines and humans learn and how to engender understanding and demystify horse riding.

Jennifer Burnett was presented with her Stage 5 Performance Coach in Complete Horsemanship Certificate, by Adam Kemp FBHS on the day.

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