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BHS Grampian - Horse Riders and Dog Walkers Working Together

22 Mar 2019

Up in Moray a new initiative to make forests safer for horse riders and dog walkers has been taking place. This initiative has been formed due to the rising number of horse and dog incidents that have been occurring in areas used by both groups.

The Forest Enterprise Scotland and Police Scotland have joined forces with BHS Grampian and Kennel Club at Roseisle Forest in October to highlight responsible access and raise awareness of how horses and dogs can both use the forest safely together.

BHS Grampian also ran a dog familiarisation event in Hazelhead Park, Aberdeen last summer in collaboration with local dog trainers. These events are important for both dog walkers and horse riders as they need to be aware of how they should handle the situation, horses should be slowed down to a walk and dogs should be brought under close control, these simple acts can avoid tragic events happening.

In 2019 BHS Grampian plan to organise more dog and horse familiarisation events, look out for future events in the Grampian region.

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