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January Greetings from BHS Scotland

11 Jan 2018


It’s been quite a winter so far with frost, snow, wind and rain to challenge us and our horses, making sure they have adequate access to shelter, water and food is a time consuming task when the days are short and glowering. Winter colic has struck across Scotland as getting horses moving and supplying the correct balance of forage to liquid is difficult, you know yourself that if you were on enforced bed rest you might get digestive problems!

The Scottish Land Reform legislation is 15 years old so we have to celebrate a decade and a half of horse riders having the same right of responsible access as walkers and cyclists – I know it sometimes does not feel like that – but it was thanks to the work of Ann Fraser that we do have that right and be assured the BHS works tirelessly to remove barriers and represent horse riders wherever we can.

There is lots planned for you as we celebrate the British Horse Society platinum anniversary across Scotland – all to improve the lives of horses and riders.

If you have an idea for an event, some education you require or plans for a fundraising/membership opportunity please get in touch as we are keen to deliver.

BHS Scotlands “Go Local” platinum initiative is “You supply the equine problem” and BHS will send you the relevant expert to speak to a local audience about how to improve your situation!

Ideas Please
Over to you
Helene, Julie, Sophie and Tricia

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