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Concussion Awareness Study from the University of Glasgow

8 Jan 2018


Have you been injured in a horse riding accident lately? If so please consider helping our friends from the University of Glasgow with their research:

Recently, there has been a surge of interest to increase awareness of the dangers of concussion in sport. However, horse riding and other non-contact sports are often overlooked. Horse riding has been found to have the highest rate of traumatic brain injury in the sporting world, and one of the most dangerous sports to compete in. Despite this there are no clear, concise and uniform guidelines published by the relevant equestrian associations.

Through an online survey, which will be accessible for three weeks, this study aims to: -

- Identify groups and individuals who are particularly at risk of concussion and what their current level of concussion management and identification is
- Create clear and concise concussion and head injury guidelines for horse riders, instructors and riding clubs
- Collaborate with equestrian organisations to publish concussion guidelines for horse riding, increasing awareness and understanding of sports concussion




All information which is collected about you, or responses that you provide, during the course of the research will be kept strictly confidential. All collected data will be stored on University of Glasgow secured servers and analysed on the computers meeting University of Glasgow security standards. The data will be stored according to University of Glasgow retention policy for up to 10 years. You will not be asked for any information that will have your name or address. An ID number will identify your responses. 

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