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The BHS Scotland competition series reached its heights at Blair last week with the crowning of three national champions marking the culmination of generous annual sponsorship from Dodson & Horrell, Eastern BMW and Clemmie and over one hundred qualifiers run at county shows and BRC events over the last twelve months.

Dodson & Horrel l /BHS Scotland Riding Club working hunter final 2018

1. Incontention (Clare Pearson)
2. Barana Moy Boy (Jane Brisbane)
3. Serville (Eve Beveridge)

Eastern BMW / BHS Scotland working hunter final 2018

1. CCS Robin (Margo King)
2. Sydney Down Under (Krystan Blackie)
3. Finding Nico (Karon Carson)

Just CHAPS Riding Club Horse 2018

1. Shanty Town Girl (Sharon Wands)
2. Glenfyne Billicoy (Julie Donn)
3. Cowton April Showers (Louise Watt)

Clemmie / BHS Scotland style jumping final 2018

1. De Ballinteskin Rara Hill (Jemma Carberry)     
2. Seville (Eve Beveridge)
3. Corrohoe Flight (Jemma Christie)

bmw wh champion 2018just chaps rc horse champion 2018

dodson horrell rc wh champion 2018


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