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Scotland in the Winter

22 Nov 2017


There is an intrinsic pleasure in keeping horses and in the winter the regular visits to the field with hay or the sight of your pride and joy tucked up in a warm, lit, bedded stable can bring extra special moments to these long dreich damp days. We all know why we undertake horse ownership or riding; the unique pleasure that the relationship with a horse brings and the thrill of covering the countryside on the back of the horse. Luckily most of us take our horse care, road safety, hacking out and equitation responsibilities seriously.

There has never been a better time to be a horse in Scotland (apart from the rain) because the BHS is thriving and we are delighted to have broken the 7k membership mark. But even more relevant is the work of our volunteers who offer advice on all aspects of horse care in every part of Scotland.  Biomechanics, feed and rug technology have all modernised the horse care system, you can have a light waterproof rug and feed forage with a balancer, an air filled saddle and ergonomic bridle these days. But equitation and horsemanship don’t change and that is where the BHS equine excellence pathways offer progressive learning for everyone.

In 2018 BHs Scotland will try and keep you abreast of all developments that make being a horse owner or rider even better and continue our education. The BHS Scotland team wish you a peaceful and merry festive season and hope you enjoy the best winter riding!

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