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A9 engineers meet horses

14 Sept 2017


A9 engineers meet horsesEngineers working on the A9 joined BHS Scotland and Paths for All for a day on the National Access Demonstration Site at Oatridge College to be shown the needs of non-motorised users in respect of the A9 Dualling.

Two equine students (Katie and Eilidh) from the college rode Rosie and Branagh demonstrating how surfaces affect horses’ hooves, gate opening and mounting and dismounting as the needs of horse riders were emphasised.

Engineers from Fairhurst, WSP, Jacobs and Transport Scotland attended.

Helene Mauchlen National Manager said; “This is probably one of the most important things we have done this year, as the A9 is 80 miles long and effectively creates a barrier across most of the northern part of Scotland.  Transport Scotland has been good at forming a non-motorised users group of which BHS plays an active part.

“But to have the engineers take such an interest in the physiology of a horses foot and wonder at the manoeuvring space a horse and rider need to open a gate is a very gratifying way to demonstrate the needs of riders in a memorable way.

“We are hoping the A9 NMU route will be truly multiuse as a result of today.  Graeme Anderson, technical officer from Paths for All was excellent in advising the professionals on the needs of all access takers but  it was good to see horses stealing the limelight.” 

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