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Our Survey says……

10 Nov 2020


We wanted to know a bit more about the BHS IOM equestrian community and over 150 of you told us about yourselves. A HUGE thank you and to DEFA - Hills, Forests & Glens who created the survey for us and helped to analyse the results! 

Take a look at some of the interesting things we found out.......

  • 56% were happy with the routes they ride, 44% felt there was an issue with either their surface, or a lack of horse friendly infrastructure e.g gates and mounting blocks.  
  • 72% of respondents to our recent survey prefer a circular great surprise there we hear you say! But this information, teamed with the recent mapping of rides has shown that the majority of people are riding on roads to make their routes circular. This information helps us determine which cut throughs would take you off the roads to link you back to circular routes and keep you safe!
  • A whopping 64% of you told us you are interested in attending BHS organized rides!
  • We think our island is quite a safe place to ride on the roads as 85% of riders who responded have never been in a road traffic accident whilst horse riding, sadly 8% have.
  • Our recent Equestrian Survey showed that Archallagan was the most frequently visited forest by riders on the island. We are pleased to let you know that our fantastic Access Officer Erica has met with DOI and DEFA - Hills, Forests & Glens to look at plans to improve ridden access to the plantation via the Seven Gates route. 
  • As part of the work we are doing to assess how the Seven Gates route could possibly be improved our fantastic team member Jess swapped four legs for two wheels to get a good perspective on the key areas we need to improve for equestrian safety. Jess is also working on securing funding to help us to make the improvements necessary.
  • We know equestrian access is an important issue to many riders on the Island and the more people we have as part of our BHS IOM team, the more we can achieve! You can help us by attending BHS activities on the island which helps to raise funds, or you can volunteer your time to help us as an Equestrian Access Officer by contacting North West Regional Manager, Lyndsay Dring

Download to read the full report (pdf)


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