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Michaelmas Ride in Richmond Park

4 Oct 2021


On Friday 17th September, by kind permission from Adam Curtis of the Royal Parks, the London Committee organised a pleasure ride in Richmond Park.  The event was well supported with approximately forty riders signing up to complete either the medium or the long route around the outstanding parkland.  The riders had a fantastic time with great ride tracks, amazing views within the park and photo opportunities against the iconic city backdrop.  Many of the riders also enjoyed seeing some of the over six hundred resident deer during their ride. 
Lots of other Park users came over to the BHS tent during the day.  Many expressed how much they enjoyed seeing so many horses using the park and a couple signed up to become BHS members.

Proceeds from the ride will go to the BHS Ride Out UK fund, as well as a donation to the Royal Parks.  The success of the event is a huge credit to the amazing BHS volunteers, without whom it could not have happened.  We look forward to running the ride again next year.  


Rear of riders at the Michaelmas Ride in Richmond Park

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