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Local Equestrians dig in for Bridleway 163

13 Nov 2018

Riders in Busbridge were fed up with their local bridleway being closed due to needing repair. Rebecca Harvie (Munstead Horse Trials) came to the BHS and spoke with Sandra Smith, the access officer for Waverley DC to see what could be done. Following a site meeting with John Baker (Surrey CC), they decided to get a team together to get the path mended on 12 October. 

On the day it actually only took a couple of hours and, says Rebecca; “There were mostly people from my yard, Heath Farm (home of Munstead Horse Trials) but we also had Nana Dalton and her head girl helping us. Nana is a 4* eventer who had 2 horses at both Badminton and Burghley this year. Her yard is at other end of bridleway so she was keen to help so she can safely hack her baby horses up to use our cross country courses. I also had lots of moral support from Jackie Ellis who also has a yard in the area, but she had a prior engagement on the day that we actually did the work. 

“Part of the work was also done by other volunteers (who I think are called Surrey Choices - they are a group of special needs adults). They spent a day there the week before we finished it off. 

“…the funny bit was that John was amazed how fast a group of girls (and 3 men) could move that amount of sand and scalpings.  He clearly hasn’t worked with horsey girls (who are experts at shovelling and pushing wheelbarrows) in the past!  We completely finished him - he was totally knackered by the end. We all then went home to ride/sort out yards/children etc in the afternoon.”

Steve Mitchell (Surrey County Council Rights of Way) remarked that they were,

“really pleased how it has turned out and the support that was given by the volunteers.”

Thanks to all of you involved!

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