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RVC Equine Survey Needs You!

1 May 2018


RVC equine survey on exotic disease prevention - learning from horse owners to inform research and education.

Here's your chance to get involved in RVC's latest research about equine exotic diseases PLUS your chance to win a special RVC Equine prize! 

We are looking into equine exotic disease prevention by learning from horse owners and carers so we can use this information to inform future research and education activities. Our RVC researchers really want to hear your opinions - and please share with others you know who own or work with horses.

The goal of this study is to understand non-racing horse owners’ opinions about exotic diseases. As a horse owner/keeper, your opinions are important for measuring exotic disease risk. Participating in this study will ensure that your views are central to exotic disease research and communication. We hope that the results of this study will help improve the delivery of information about exotic diseases.

This questionnaire asks about your views towards exotic diseases. There are no right or wrong answers, so please answer honestly. The questionnaire will take you about 15 minutes to complete.

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