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Stenigot Ride

19 July 2017



Stenigot Ride

This is the ninth consecutive access ride the North Lincolnshire Committee have held at Stenigot, which is a farming estate owned by the Dennis family. We have had between 45 and 90 riders each year - with at least 25 riders regularly returning each year because they enjoy the ride so much.

We even had one mule (with accompanying rider) participate. There were as usual three routes for riders to select – 11km (mostly on the estate), 23km and 28km – it was all really well marked (thanks to Helen Hilder) everyone received a map too. Afterwards riders celebrated with a rosette, packed lunch and of course a carrot for their mount. (Not sure the mule got a carrot she was evidently very naughty). Peter Parker and Daniella Mills were also taking photos to record the day. You can view these photos at Peters Endurance Photos website

As ever, everyone greatly appreciated the wonderful scenery and felt privileged to have been given access to one of Lincolnshire’s most beautiful areas of countryside. Once again we are extremely indebted to the Dennis family for their generosity in making this event possible. My thanks to Stephanie Armstrong (First Aider), and her daughter Aoise who provided some dancing entertainment for us. Also Committee members : Helen Hilder, Anita Quigley, Theresa Thornes, and trusted helpers Barry Parker and Mike White.

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