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Product of the Month | Hi-Vis Neck Straps

26 Oct 2021


Ever lost balance whilst riding, grabbed the reins and found this spooked your horse? The concept of neck straps to aid stability is a familiar concept to most riders. Neck straps can range from a simple piece of leather that goes around a horse’s neck to click and connect straps which connect to the saddle helping to prevent slippage of the strap down the horses neck.

Neck straps can help riders increase their stability without pulling on their horse’s mouth. They are widely used across a number of disciplines including show jumping and eventing with a number of top riders including William Fox-Pitt being great proponents of them. They can be of great benefit to riders of all levels of experience.

 HI Viz Neck Ste 

If you are looking for something a bit more sophisticated than a simple piece of leather especially with the winter season almost upon us and the days getting darker, then why not take a look at the Hi-Viz Reflective Click and Connect neck straps in the BHS shop. In addition to the benefits of a neck strap the hi-viz reflective nature of these straps will help to keep you and your horse visible on the roads.

Designed by a British International Event Rider and British Horse Society Accredited Professional Coach in order to improve rider security and stability providing that extra bit of confidence when riding and improving horse and rider balance.

It’s key to remember that there could be a number of reasons why your horse likes to lean on the rein for example, or as to why they’re showing signs of discomfort – therefore whilst the neck strap is not a replacement for good training it can be useful to build confidence and trust between yourself and your horse, giving you an extra grip alongside the rein and peace of mind.

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