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Launching DobbinData

25 Mar 2021

Launching - DobbinData

DobbinData is a new mapping tool where you can share or find information on equestrian use of selected features on public rights of way, roads and certain other routes.

We are gathering data on use by equestrians of tarmac roads which are not slippery, railway crossings, routes alongside railways, motorway bridges, commons, forestry and shared use trails (such as disused railways). More will be added as we progress.

This information is crucial to us when we are lobbying for change or submitting proposals for new plans, so that we can ensure equestrian inclusion and user-friendly features.

We need your help!

We are inviting all equestrians to share their examples of the selected features, so that we can build up our repertoire of examples and case studies. Get started, here.

Reporting issues

Please report near misses or incidents on or BHS app 'Horse i', not DobbinData. Obstructions or other problems should be reported to your county council. For more about other Equestrian Mapping Projects see


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