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Neglected horses given a Second Chance at life through BHS Approved Centres

16 July 2021


The British Horse Society and the RSPCA have joined forces to extend a nationwide rehoming project to give neglected ponies and horses a “Second Chance” at life.

The BHS’s Second Chance project launched in 2019 and the horses and ponies were rehomed into BHS Approved Centres running the BHS’ Changing Lives through Horses scheme, which supports vulnerable and disadvantaged young people and gives them the opportunity to develop life skills through working with horses.

Due to the success of the partnership, the Second Chance project has now been rolled out to all BHS Approved Riding Centres across the country. The project aims to give a brighter future to many more horses who have suffered an unhappy past by rehoming them.

In the latest round of the large-scale project, there have been an incredible 221 centres register their interest, with 77 horses having already been given a new home.

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There has never been more of a need for this project. The long-standing ‘equine crisis’ of over-breeding, neglect and abandonment of horses continues and many equine welfare charities fear that the economic fallout of the Covid-19 pandemic can only make matters worse. Second Chance allows horses to be rehabilitated by equine professionals at BHS Approved Riding Centres, who have the experience and expertise to take on these rescued horses, rehabilitate them, and transform their lives in a safe, secure environment.

Sarah Dale, Head of Business Support at The British Horse Society said: “The BHS are very happy to be collaborating with the RSPCA again on this next round of the Second Chance project. We are thrilled to have had such a great initial response from our Approved Centres with so many people wanting to get involved and take on ponies and horses in need. It’s a fantastic opportunity for the horses to not only recover in a safe place, but to also bring joy and numerous benefits to everyone involved at the centre.”

Dr Mark Kennedy, equine welfare expert at the RSPCA said: “We are delighted that the project is providing a Second Chance at a good life to the needy horses and ponies we rescue. When they are taken into RSPCA care they are often very depressed and neglected, yet with the combined expertise of our staff and the dedicated professionals at BHS Approved Centres they demonstrate their resilience and develop into wonderful riding centre horses and ponies, with secure futures and a chance at a happy life- all the while offering disadvantaged and vulnerable young people the same.”

For more information about the BHS Second Chance rehoming project and the Changing Lives through Horses scheme, please visit the link below


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