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Product of the Month : Idolo Tether Ties

11 Aug 2021


Ever turned your back after tying up your horse only to find they have managed to successfully snap their lead rope and are now cantering away? As restrictions have eased, many of us are enjoying getting out and about to shows again, so it is important to make sure our horses are tied up safely.

Idolo Tether Tie 

The Idolo Tether Tie is a unique, knotless, tying system made from high grade industrial nylon and is designed based on a system of pressure and release with a choice of two pressures. The double ended trigger clip feature makes sure your horse is secure whilst giving them the freedom to pull back if they feel panicked – this can help prevent serious neck and poll injuries.

Endorsed by top riders and equine professionals world-wide, the tether tie creates friction when the horse pulls back on a lead rope, encouraging the horse to step forward and release the pressure as opposed to pulling back further. This handy little device is lightweight, strong and versatile - it can be used anywhere from the stable to the horsebox and with even the most supple lead ropes.

If you have a horse who is an escapologist then this might be the perfect solution. Choose from a range of colours and pack sizes.


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