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Brake 'Road Safety Week 2020' - No Need to Speed

16 Nov 2020


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With someone injured on a UK road every four minutes, and vehicle speed playing a part in every crash, this Road Safety Week Brake are sharing the what, the why, and the where of speed through this year’s theme ‘No Need to Speed’.


To coincide with Road Safety Week 2020, we have launched our Dead Slow statistics which illustrate that road incidents involving horses and vehicles are continuing to rise, with 1,037 incidents reported to the equine charity over the past year.

Educational Safety Videos

We can all do more to stay safe on the roads, so keep an eye out for our educational videos and webinars which will be shared on our Facebook every evening this week.

  • Monday 16th – Laura Thorogood’s horse, Angel, tragically lost her life following a road incident where Laura and Angel were struck by a vehicle at 53mph.
  • Tuesday 17th – Director of Safety, Alan Hiscox illustrates the importance of reporting incidents.
  • Wednesday 18th – Are you safe to travel? Des Payne discusses trailer safety with the Horsebox Handyman, Barrington Pamlin.
  • Thursday 19th – Lizzie Greenwood-Hughes hosts a discussion on ‘Cyclists and horse riders’ with Cycling UK’s Duncan Dollimore and our Director of Safety Alan Hiscox.
  • Friday 20th – Ella Richardson, who describes herself as ‘an avid happy hacker,’ talks us through a road incident experienced while out on her horse recently.
  • Saturday 21st - Sergeant Shaun Bridle discusses the collaborative approach the BHS has taken with Warwickshire Police to educate all drivers about all vulnerable road users.
  • Sunday 22nd - Dan Campsall, Director at Road Safety Analysis, and trustee for The Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety (PACTS) discusses the importance of Road Safety Week, and road safety in general.


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Report your equine incidents

Reporting your incidents helps us to better understand the rate of equine-related incidents across the UK. Reporting factual data really can make a difference to equine safety and it allows us to lobby and advise MP's, road safety partnerships, the police and other safety organisations. Anyone can report their incidents or near misses to us; you don’t have to be a BHS member. It is vital each and every incident is recorded in order to be added to our national statistics.

Support our road safety work

You can also support The British Horse Society and help us in our work to ensure the safety of horses and riders by donating to our 'Dead? Or Dead Slow?' campaign.

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