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The BHS on Tour | What you will Learn on the Day

3 Mar 2020

 BHS on Tour

The BHS on Tour events aims to educate every type of rider. Each day will contain multiple sessions in which the audience will take away tips & tricks, exercises that can be recreated in your yard. These sessions aim to help riders improve their confidence and understanding of not only horses but also everything a rider may encounter. Learn how to ride safely on a road, how to engage your horse without using your hands and how to get the most from everyday training.

These sessions include:

‘Use your body to get the most out of your horse’ – Yogi Breisner MBE FBHS

“Do Less, Feel More”.

Learning the skill of balance is essential for riders to improve their riding ability. Yogi’s first session looks to help you gain a deeper understanding of how a horse moves and in doing so, encourages you to rely less on their hands and more on their balance.
Through various demonstrations and exercises, Yogi aims to show you how body weight can be used to communicate with your horse creating a stronger bond with your horse.

This session links in with the ‘Introduction to Riding’ Challenge Award. This award includes topics such as Riding Fit and Riding Flat, which Yogi mentions throughout his session.

‘Horses for Courses’ – David Ingle and Cathy Hyde supported by Dengie Feeds.

“Get it right”.

Delve into the world of equine fitness, feeding and conformation. This session looks at the requirements for different disciplines such as showing, dressage, jumping and pleasure riding.
This session aims to teach you how to Body Condition Score a horse. David and Cathy explain how different horses carry different proportions of muscle and body fat according to their type of training.

This session ties into the ‘Introduction to Horse Care’ Challenge Award. Topics in this award include ‘Knowing your horse’ and ‘Caring for your horse’.

‘Use your brain to get more out of your horse’ – Yogi Breisner MBE FBHS

“A positive attitude gives you the power over your experience rather than your experience having power over you”.

In his second session, Yogi focuses on the psychological element of horse riding. People often forget that riding is 50% physical and 50% mental. Riders with a confident and positive outlook often achieve better results than those with a much more negative outlook.
During this session, Yogi will host a variety of demonstrations that you can replicate and try the next time you ride to improve your technique.

This session once again links in with the ‘Introduction to Riding’ Challenge Award. However, this session also touches on elements of riding jump too.

‘Rags to Riches’ – Carrie Byrom & Yogi Breisner MBE FBHS

“Never underestimate the capabilities of a horse”.

Carrie and Yogi will take you on a journey exploring just how talented discarded equines can be.
This session focuses on giving every horse the opportunity to showcase their talent. Carrie presents one of the horses that joined her as a result of the collaborative partnership with the RSPCA to put rescued horses in BHS Approved Centres.

This session demonstrates how every horse can improve and also highlights the horse welfare crisis.

‘There’s more to life than 20 metre circles’ – Brendan Bergin Stage 5 Performance Coach with BBC Presenter Lizzie Greenwood-Hughes

“Happier hacking – stay safe and sound”.

During this session, you will learn invaluable skills for riding safely outside the arena. This session is ideal for those looking to advance their knowledge and confidence when riding out.
Brendan introduces training strategies to help you deal with everyday obstacles and occurrence you may have whilst riding outside the arena.

This session works in sync with the BHS Ride Safe Award, which aims to help riders improve their riding outside of the arena. The Ride Safe Award prepares you for difficult experiences that you may have when riding out.

‘Performance Under Pressure’ – Various Presenters

“Riding isn’t about how many rosettes you win; it’s about doing something you love and never giving up”.

Each presenter will work with recreational riders to develop confidence and coping strategies in both horses and riders when out competing in the early days.
Using a course of show jumps, they will encourage them to become aware of what they can control and minimise the impact of what they can’t control. This demonstration will resonate with anyone looking to develop their competition riding.

This session ties in with the Riding Flat, Riding Fit and Riding Jump Challenge Award.

Show Jumping

Each day includes an incredible opportunity to learn from the best. These sessions, in particular, provide the key presenter with an opportunity to reveal their training tips as they demonstrate different exercises to help you to develop your riding.

The presenter of each session will vary depending on which event you attend.

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from experienced coaches and watch real-life demonstrations.

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