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Welfare Highlights 2019

22 Jan 2020


Welfare Highlights 2019  


In 2019, our #WelfareWednesday posts had a reach of well over 1.7 MILLION raising awareness of key Welfare issues. Here we celebrate the successes of various other Welfare projects and initiatives achieved last year.

We held 6 Healthcare and Education Clinics, three in Spring and three in Autumn. Our clinics aim to break the cycle of indiscriminate breeding by reaching out to the most vulnerable owners and communities who may not normally seek regular healthcare for their horses.

This year alone, 254 horses attended our clinics for reduced cost healthcare, and 103 of those were castrated. Not only have we prevented potential future foals from suffering, we have immediately improved the welfare of those horses brought forward for gelding. Many of those colts would have been previously tethered and fly-grazed, and are now able to live on yards or be turned out unchained in fields.

It is thanks to our members and donors that we are able to reduce the welfare strain and end needless cases of neglect. Please consider donating to help support future clinics.

Responded to approximately 8,850 helpline enquiries for a wide range of advice including how to apply for a passport, the safe removal and disposal of ragwort, the most effective way to manage pasture. Our experienced and knowledgeable Welfare Helpline Coordinators, located in BHS Head Quarters, are on hand to offer advice or support to anyone who needs it.

Do you need advice? Our friendly BHS Welfare team are available to speak to you.

Call: 024 76840 517
*Lines are open Monday to Thursday: 8.35am-5pm. Friday: 8:35am-3pm.
Calls may be recorded for monitoring purposes

Trained 36 new volunteer Welfare Advisers to be able to assess welfare concerns brought to our attention by concerned members of the public.

Our Advisers investigate reported welfare concerns and act as an advice point for all horse owners. Through the work of our Welfare Advisers, the lives of literally thousands of horses have been improved.

Our volunteer Welfare Advisers are experienced equestrians who go through a structured recruitment and training programme specifically designed for the work they’ll be doing on behalf of The British Horse Society.

Do you have the passion and spare time to become a BHS Welfare Adviser?

Responded to over 1,257 new welfare concerns
in order to promote the prevention of neglect, cruelty, harm and poor care to horses.

We don’t rescue horses, but we do aim to prevent them from needing to be rescued in the first place.

Our volunteer Welfare Advisers work with owners through support, advice and education to try and remedy problems before they become serious. Welfare Advisers will escalate to other organisations such as the RSPCA or SSPCA to help resolve emergency welfare concerns and are also an information point for any owner who has questions about their own horses or who needs support through a difficult time.

70x vet practices have joined our scheme to become Vet REACT Colic Champions. They will be helping to provide advice, presentations and resources on all issues related to colic to their clients. We are delighted to have their support.

Supported 55 owners through our Friends at the End
initiative, designed to make sure that no owner has to face the decision to euthanise, and the loss of their equine companion alone. Many horse owners were put in touch with a volunteer ‘BHS Friend’ who supported them through the difficult process of saying goodbye.

If you feel you might benefit from talking to someone through the Friends at the End scheme, contact BHS Welfare for impartial, non-judgemental and confidential help and support.

Call: 024 76840 517
*Lines are open Monday to Thursday: 8.35am-5pm. Friday: 8:35am-3pm.
Calls may be recorded for monitoring purposes

The BHS Friends at the End team can also talk to owners about the options available if they can no longer keep their horse for any reason. It doesn’t have to end in euthanasia and if there are other choices, we will help find them.

Distributed over 39,000 Welfare advisory leaflets
to a variety of audiences including leisure horse owners, college students and vet practices. We produce a wide range of downloadable and hard copy leaflets on many topics such as disease prevention, subtle signs of laminitis and REACT Now to Beat Colic with the aim of spreading knowledge through easy to follow advice and information to help owners provide the best care for their horses.

View our crucial advice for all horse owners, riders and carriage drivers online.

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