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Transform your love for horses into your skill, your career, your profession

18 Dec 2020

Do you want to travel the world as a groom with world class riders, or maybe you have the talent to be in the Olympic team? Or is your ambition to manage your own yard, become a farrier, a vet or reporting at the big equestrian events? Perhaps you’d prefer marketing, graphic design or finance?

If you have a passion for horses, an equine career is often the ultimate goal – who wouldn’t want to work in a rewarding industry rich with extraordinary experiences? The equestrian industry is a wonderful community with opportunities for all careers over a vast spectrum of roles.

However, with so many varied roles available it can be difficult to choose the right career path to suit your aspirations.

Not sure where to start?

As part of the journey, we’re here to guide, advise and support you through every stage of your development. That’s why we’ve created an Equine Industry Careers guide containing information on a wealth of careers and pointers to help you identify the right route to achieve your goals.

The guide includes:

  • Top reasons to work in the equestrian industry
  • Choosing your career pathway
  • Skills required for the industry
  • An in depth look at 17 different equestrian careers



Once you’ve decided on your path

Whichever profession you choose, qualifications and hands on experience will undoubtedly give you the best start possible and set you apart from others. To be successful you need to begin with a solid foundation of knowledge, skills and experience through reputable and relevant qualifications.

This is where the BHS education system stands out as the best in the world.

Kick start your career by gaining internationally recognised qualifications and be a part of our industry’s growing success.

The opportunities are endless with BHS qualifications - they will provide you with a taster of the skills required for many different roles. Whatever your career aspirations; caring for horses, riding professionally or coaching the next generation, there’s a pathway for you.

For more information, visit or call our team on 02476 840508

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