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The BHS Trustee Elections 2020 - Call for nominations

29 Apr 2020


In February 2020 we asked you, our Members, for nominations to fill vacancies for three Specialist Trustee positions; Safety, Volunteering, and Business with Digital Knowledge.

We were delighted to receive nominations for all three roles and subsequently all nominees were interviewed under the Selection Policy by the BHS Nomination Committee.

Successful candidates

Specialist Trustee Safety

There was one nomination for the role of Specialist Trustee Safety and we are delighted that after due consideration, the Board have ratified the Nomination Committee’s recommendation for the election. Therefore, in accordance with the Society’s Articles, Ken Law will be elected as Specialist Trustee Safety at the Election Board meeting in July.

Specialist Trustee Volunteering

While two candidates were nominated for the role of Specialist Trustee Volunteering, only one candidate has progressed to the election. Therefore, in accordance with the Society’s Articles, Lesley Donaldson will be elected as Specialist Trustee Volunteering at the Election Board meeting in July.

Second round of nominations

We received one nomination for the role of Specialist Trustee Business with Digital Knowledge, but the candidate has not progressed to the election. In accordance with the Society’s Articles the Board has given due consideration to this matter and has decided to open a second round of nominations for the 2020 Trustee Election.

Therefore, nominations for the positions for two Specialist Trustee roles of Business with Digital knowledge and Marketing and Communications will open on Friday, 1st May 2020 at 09:00. The specialist role for Marketing and Communications has been made available for this round of nominations as it has been identified as a skillset requirement on the Board.

Business Specialist with Digital Knowledge

As the Specialist Trustee for Business you will have a commercial background with Executive or Board level experience and knowledge to support the Senior Management Team in delivering the Strategic Plan for 2019-2024 and the projects that support it. You will support the Senior Management Team in project and programme governance and provide a conduit to the Board.

Marketing and Communications

We are searching for a Marketing and Communication Specialist Trustee, in particular to support building resilience in communications, longer-term reputation building and a proven capability in delivering marketing campaigns to evolve the BHS brand. As the BHS grows, it is important the organisation continues to raise awareness of all the excellent work that is being carried out. An avid brand guardian, you will be there to help the BHS brand evolve for the future success of the organisation.

Further information

For the Trustee role description, specialist role descriptions and more information on BHS Trustee responsibilities and activities, please see the BHS Selection Policy which is available on the Nomination Site. All members are very welcome to come forward for these roles, so please consider if you are able to contribute your professional and personal skills to help lead and govern The British Horse Society as a Trustee. As a member of the Board you would work alongside your fellow Trustees to develop the Society for the benefit of our members and the wider equestrian community.

To be eligible for election you must be a person aged 18 years or older and have been a voting member of the Society for at least three years on Wednesday, 15th July 2020, the date of the Election Board Meeting.

The dates for the election have also been adapted to allow for the second round of nominations.

Nominations open at 9.00am on Friday, 1st May and will close at 12.00pm on Friday, 15th May 2020.

Election voting will open at 9.00am on Thursday, 25th June and will close at 3.00pm on Monday 13th July 2020.


Please note

Mi-Voice, an independent electoral services company, will be helping us conduct the election. Nominations will take place online. For full details of how to nominate and to nominate please go to

If you have any questions with regard to nominating electronically, then please contact Mi-Voice on 02380 763987 or between 9am – 5.30pm, Monday to Friday excluding bank holidays.

If you are unable to nominate electronically for any reason, then please contact the BHS Governance Office on 02476 840531 or


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