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Roadside trailer checks to be increased by DVSA

20 Sept 2019


Drivers are being reminded to check their trailers are safe before each journey as the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) increases the number of inspections on light trailers it carries out.

In 2014 a preventable tragedy occurred when a trailer became detached and killed three-year-old Freddie Hussey as he walked along the pavement with his mother in Bristol. 

Users are now being reminded to #towsafeforfreddie.

A recent Department for Transport report found 50% of trailers unsafe. 

Common faults with trailers of all kinds include:

•         Excessively worn, defective or under inflated tyres
•         Defective lights or indicators 
•         Defective brakes

The DVSA will be enforcing safe trailer use which will check thousands of extra light trailers (fewer than 3.5 tonnes) and caravans.

If trailers are pulled over by DVSA enforcement staff and found to be unroadworthy, the trailer could be taken off the road and not allowed back until any necessary repairs have been satisfactorily carried out. 
They can also issue fines and immobilise dangerous vehicles at roadside inspections.

Courts can issue drivers of towed horseboxes with penalty points if driving not in accordance with their licence.

If you are unsure how to tow or use a trailer, contact the National Trailer and Towing Association (NTTA) for a free trailer check.

As horseboxes and horse trailers can be used infrequently, a safety check should be carried out before being used after a long period of inactivity.
Read our advice and information on how to safely transport your horse, including a handy checklist to use before you travel. 

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