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Are your clients in safe hands?

4 Oct 2019


One of the best ways to make sure that your riding clients are in safe hands is to make sure your relevant members of staff hold current DBS checks. This gives not only you, but your client’s peace of mind that their centre is concerned about their safety and wellbeing.

Who can be DBS checked?

Only instructors or members of staff who are working or volunteering in ‘regulated activity’ with children will need an Enhanced DBS check in England or Wales. Regulated activity refers to teaching, training, instructing and supervising children three times or more per month or overnight.

If some of your members of staff are not in regulated activity but you still want them to have a check, they can do a Basic DBS check as these are available to everyone.

More information about who needs to be checked can be found here.

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How can I get my centres staff checked?

We at the BHS can facilitate your centre and its staff members to obtain either Enhanced or Basic DBS checks, and also renew them if they have expired. We offer this service through a quick, easy to use online system that helps to cut out the paperwork!

Once the online system is set up for your centre you will find that it is not only is it easy to use, but that there is an average turnaround period of 1-2 weeks for DBS results compared to 3 months for paper forms.

Furthermore you will receive an electronic copy of the certificate which means less chasing to see the paper certificate of your employee.

Using this online system takes the stress and worry out of filling out the paper forms and makes it a pain free process for both yourself and your members of staff.

Set up takes less than a week and gives you years of stress free DBS applications. You can even set up your online system to remind you when the DBS certificates for your staff are expiring!

How much does it cost?

An Enhanced DBS check costs just £54 for paid staff and a Basic check costs just £35.

How can I sign my centre up?

You don't have to be a BHS centre to make use of this amazing system.

The British Horse Society's aim is to ensure that everyone can enjoy horses in a safe environment, protected from harm. We want to help all centres take reasonable measures to avoid unsuitable people from being able to gain access to our young people.

If this sounds like something your centre would like to be part of then please call the Safeguarding Team to ask about setting up an online DBS system for your centre.

BHS Safeguarding Team
02476 840746

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