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The British Horse Society holds a General Meeting for members

16 May 2019


The largest equestrian charity in the UK, The British Horse Society (BHS), has been asked by 42 members to hold a General Meeting.

The BHS has over 107,000 members and promotes the interest of all horses, riders and owners across the UK. Its core focus is education, welfare, safety, participation and equestrian rights of way.

A group of 42 out of 107,000 BHS members have requisitioned a General Meeting for the purpose of voting on a resolution proposed by that group. The requisition, submitted on 12 March, proposed a resolution of a vote of no confidence in the Chairman, the Chief Executive (in post at the time, before taking retirement) and the Board of Trustees.

Under the BHS Articles, the members have a right to call the meeting, but gave no supporting information or evidence for proposing the resolution; they were offered mediation with the Society in line with The Charity Commission guidance, which was declined. The Board will vote against the resolution which requires a simple majority to carry.

The General Meeting vote does not hold legal precedence, but is a political statement in regard to the governance of the Society. The meeting will be held in Warwickshire on the Tuesday 11 June, in advance of the Society’s Election Board Meeting in July, in which four new Trustees will join the Board. The Trustee election voting begins in early June.

This year the Society has held a number of members’ meeting throughout the UK and these will continue throughout the year as a platform for the Trustees to listen to members, and consider their invaluable input for inclusion in the future strategy of the Society.

All BHS members can attend the meeting which will take place on 11 June, at 7.00pm at The Stareton Hall, National Agricultural and Exhibition Centre, Stoneleigh Park, Stoneleigh, Kenilworth, CV8 2LZ. For more information about voting please visit

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