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Chief Executive of The British Horse Society announces retirement

13 Mar 2019


Lynn Petersen, Chief Executive of The British Horse Society (BHS) has announced her retirement, following a long and successful career of more than 40 years in both commerce and charity.

The BHS is now the UK’s largest equestrian charity with over 106,000 members under the leadership of Ms Petersen who has grown the Society’s membership by 43%.

During the last six years, Ms Petersen has been the driving force behind modernising and growing the BHS, launching successful campaigns like Dead Slow, React Now to Beat Colic, 2026, Paths for Community, Changing Lives through Horses and Friends at the End. These campaigns have had a significant impact for horses, owners, riders and the equestrian industry.

In the same period the Society’s world-class education system was upgraded, leading to more than a 50% increase in candidates. Lynn has also pioneered an initiative to take the BHS education systems to other countries where no such systems exist. This year the new BHS Challenge Awards has been launched, offering recreational riders the chance to improve their knowledge and skills.

David Sheerin, Chairman of The British Horse Society said “It has been a remarkable journey for the BHS under Lynn’s leadership as CEO, and previously as Chairman of the Society and a Trustee. Her vision and achievements will leave an indelible mark on the BHS and the wider equine industry in the UK and internationally. We wish her the very best in her retirement.”

The Society promotes and protects the interest of all horses and horse lovers across the UK. Its core focus is education, welfare, safety and equestrian rights of way.

Lynn and Teddy

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