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Would you prefer it if riders weren’t on the road?

24 July 2019


Many equestrian routes are fragmented and can now only be reached using busy roads. Our research has shown that there have been 3,797 road incidents involving horses reported to us since November 2010. These incidents sadly involved the deaths of 315 horses and 43 people. The need for off-road places to ride has never been so important.

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By participating and fundraising for Ride Out UK you can help restore and develop safe off road riding routes that provide riders and carriage-drivers with safe, accessible places to ride. By doing so, they won’t need to spend as much time on the road and the number of incidents will be greatly reduced.

There are plenty of ways you can get involved, from taking part in one of our Ride Out UK events or organising your own ride, to hosting a friendly BBQ or pub quiz.

Read our handy tips to help you reach your fundraising target.

Please help us to raise funds and to tackle the issue of our limited and fragmented routes. Join us in keeping riders safely off the road.

Find out more information about how improve equestrian access across the UK.

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