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The British Horse Society Healthcare and Education clinics reaches 1,000 horses

18 Oct 2018


The British Horse Society would like to say a huge thank you to a number of organisations that have supported the clinics over the last three years –

With thanks to:

BEVA Trust, Zoetis, HAPPA, Well Equine, Bransby, Blue Cross, Redwings, World Horse Welfare, RSPCA, SSPCA, The Donkey Sanctuary, Bloomfields, TGCA, CHAPS, Safe4, Horseweigh, Baileys, Horsewatch, Police, Local Authorities, The Equine Register and all the veterinary practices who have helped with aftercare and emergency on-call provisions

The British Horse Society’s Healthcare and Education clinics reach 1000 horses

The British Horse Society (BHS) reveals it has reached over 1000 horses at it's mobile Healthcare and Education clinics. This milestone achievement was reached on the launch day of its new SEIB Healthcare vehicle.

The UK is in the midst of a horse over-population crisis, with too many horses and not enough knowledgeable owners to look after them, resulting in an increase in the number of cases of abandonment and neglect.  The proactive Healthcare and Education clinics are in place to provide education, support and advice to owners, helping to stop this continual cycle and prevent horses from getting to the point of needing to be rescued.

The clinic was held in Castleford, West Yorkshire yesterday (17 October), with support from Wakefield Council, where a total of 69 horses were in attendance. All the veterinary support was provided by British Equine Veterinary Association (BEVA) members who had volunteered their time via the BEVA Trust.

The Education and Healthcare clinics offer services such as castration, worming, foot care, dental checks, passporting and micro-chipping and provide a wealth of information and advice to those who may not have regular access to healthcare for their horses.

The BHS also proudly launched its new Healthcare vehicle at the clinic following receipt of a generous £50,000 grant from South Essex Insurance Brokers (SEIB).

The BHS was one of eight charities invited to submit detailed proposals for the grant which were then voted for by SEIB customers.

The new vehicle will be hugely beneficial to the Healthcare and Educations clinics, providing equipment such as gas rings to heat water for castration, a mini-awing to provide shelter and plenty of secure storage for the vast amount of equipment required. It will also ensure horses can be transported safely to and from the clinics or to veterinary hospitals if required.

Director of Welfare for the BHS, Gemma Stanford said: “We’d like to say a huge thank you to not only SEIB for their incredibly generous grant but also to all those who voted for our proposal. The BHS’ aim is to improve welfare through education – we don’t rescue horses. Through our Education and Healthcare clinics and day to day work we aim to break the cycle and stop horses needing to be rescued. The new vehicle will pay a significant role in achieving this goal.”

Marketing Manager for SEIB, Nicolina Mackenzie said: “It was great to attend the inaugural trip for the BHS Welfare vehicle purchased by SEIB Giving and witness, in person, its contribution to horse welfare and education within the wider equestrian community. SEIB Insurance Brokers are proud to be to be part of this initiative and wish the BHS many years of sustained activity with this super new vehicle.”

The clinic was run with support from a large team of equine vets volunteering via The British Equine Veterinary Association Trust. Further support was provided by Zoetis who provided all the wormers, BHS Welfare Officers, Bransby, Blue Cross, The Donkey Sanctuary, RSPCA, World Horse Welfare and Well Equine.  69 horses attended in total for a combination of different healthcare provisions, 30 horses were castrated and 58 were passported and microchipped.

Since its launch in 2015, the Education and Healthcare clinics have been visited by 1017 horses, 483 of which have been castrated. The clinics have also been supported by Redwings, SSPCA, TGCA, CHAPS, Safe4, Horseweigh, Baileys, Horsewatch, Police, Local Authorities, The Equine Register and many veterinary practices throughout the UK who have helped with aftercare and emergency on-call provisions.

Additional information about the new SEIB Healthcare vehicle

Where did the funding for the vehicle come from?

The BHS won a generous £50k grant in April 2018 from SEIB as part of their Charity Awards, where SEIB customers vote for the charity they want to receive the grant. The BHS Healthcare on Tour project received the most amount of votes and successfully secured the SEIB Giving grant.

Why spend the grant on a vehicle?

Our Healthcare and Education clinics provide vital support to those horses in need of it most. We require a large amount of equipment at these clinics and in the past have had to hire vehicles to transport these items. The new lorry provides us with lockable storage and built in equipment to use whilst out and about as well as being able to transport a weighbridge.

It is also vital we can transport the horse’s home from the clinics safely and we normally have to hire or borrow transport to do so, which can be unreliable. Should a horse need to go to the vet hospital, which we have on call, they can now travel safely in the new vehicle. 

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