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Urgent Appeal to Equestrians | Highway Code Review

2 Nov 2018


Following the recent Highway Code review announcement, The British Horse Society (BHS) is urgently appealing to the general public to write to their MP to ensure the safety needs of equestrians are not forgotten in the Highway Code Review.

Thanks to our members and supporters, the British Horse Society was referenced in a House of Commons debate on 5th November about revisions to the Highway Code.

The Deputy Minister for Transport was asked by a number of MP’s why horses had been excluded in plans for the review.

We’re very grateful that our members and supporters responded to our request and emailed their respective MP’s asking them to raise this issue in the house.

It’s not too late! If you haven’t already done so, please write or email your MP and ask them to lobby the Minister for Transport to include horses in the review as a vulnerable road user group.

Alan Hiscox, Director of Safety for The British Horse Society said: “Now is a crucial time for constituents to write to their MP to urge them to raise the question as to why the needs of equestrians were not referenced in the proposed review. 

“To improve the safety of all vulnerable road users it is vital that MPs ask that consideration is given to review and strengthen the wording of Section 163 (Overtaking) and Section 215 (Horse riders and horse-drawn vehicles).  The advice and guidance should not only explain why drivers should take extra care and slow down when passing horses but also the consequences of passing too close and too fast”.

To date, according to BHS statistics, 237 horses and 40 riders have been killed as a result of their injuries following a road incident. 899 horses have been injured and 85% of these incidents are because drivers pass too fast or too close. 

A template email is currently available via the BHS website.

Or a downloadable email template is also available.

Contact details of your local MP can be found at .

You can watch the The Parliamentary Road Safety Debate online here.

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