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Statement from The British Horse Society on Windsor Triathlon incident

18 June 2018


Statement from The British Horse Society – Windsor Triathlon horse rider injury 17/6/18

Alan Hiscox, Director of Safety for The British Horse Society said:

‘This incident was clearly very upsetting for both horse and rider, and could have been avoided. This type of incident can potentially result in serious injury for rider, horse and cyclist. It is important for all cyclists to understand that horses can be easily frightened by cyclists appearing suddenly, at speed, too close, or in large groups.

The British Horse Society is working with a large number of organisations, including Cycling UK and British Triathlon, to educate all road users on how to safely pass horses on the road.’ 

The British Horse Society advises that cyclists:

- Alert the horse and rider to your presence

The horse and rider may not see or hear you approach from behind, so calling out ‘hello’ as soon as you are within calling distance is important to prevent the horse being startled.

- Give the horse and rider time to react

If a horse is frightened by your presence, please stop, and give the rider a chance to calm the horse and move out of your way before you ride off again. A horse rider may also attempt to move forward into a wider space in order to let you pass – help them to do so by slowing your speed and keeping back a safe distance.

- Cycling events

If you are taking part in a cycling event, your concern will be to pass a horse as quickly as possible, but please remember to:

  • Slow down and call out
  • Pass wide and slow on the outside when safe to do so – do not ride between the horse and the verge
  • Leave a car’s width between you and the horse when you pass

Additional information for cyclists can be found at


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