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BHS celebrates the work of its Development Team

12 Feb 2018


As part of its Platinum Year celebrations and ‘I didn’t know the BHS did that’ campaign, the BHS is dedicating a month to celebrating the work of its National and Regional Managers.

There are 13 National and Regional Managers throughout the UK, and they represent the BHS at a regional level. They support the network of almost 900 BHS volunteers as well as Committees, Accredited Professional Coaches and BHS Approved Centres.

Often the first port of call for members and riders in their area, the Development Team are a liaison between the BHS and their community.

From attending events, committee meetings or campaigning on behalf of riders and horse lovers, no two days are the same for the Regional Managers.

For more information on events in your area or to find your Regional/National Manager visit the BHS website (

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