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Railway bridges are neigh bother for New Forest riders

11 Sept 2017


The British Horse Society (BHS) welcomes Hampshire County Council’s recent work fitting anti-slip treads to three bridge crossings over the railway in the New Forest, providing safer links to tracks across the New Forest Crownlands.

Previously the bridge had become very slippery in wet weather, making it difficult for horse riders to cross, but thanks to new anti-slip treads, riders can safely cross the bridge.

The area is a wildlife haven and provides a stunning setting for walkers, horse riders and cyclists alike to enjoy the countryside.

BHS Access and Bridleways Officer for the New Forest, Alison Russell, was actively involved in securing these improvements. The project was also supported by the Forestry Commission, Verderers and New Forest National Park Authority.

BHS Director of Access Mark Weston said: “It is great to see Hampshire County Council responding to the concerns of route users and making these important safety improvements. 

The anti-slip treads make it much safer for riders to use the bridge and means that riders who previously would have avoided the bridge can now enjoy routes on the other side of it too.”

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