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Lost route in Shropshire claimed

2 Oct 2017

A lost route in Shropshire has been upgraded to a bridleway thanks to Sue Evans. The route, which is in the Parish of Badger, provides a link from the road to another bridleway.

As part of the application to get the route upgraded, Sue collected almost 40 user evidence forms which showed that walkers, riders and cyclists had been using the route from 1940 to 2016, along with historical evidence of the route from maps dating back to 1808.

Section 53 of the Countryside and Rights of Way Act provides for a cut-off date in 2026 in England, meaning that had an application not been made to record this route before the cut-off it would have been lost to riders forever.

Mark Weston, Director of Access, said: “Congratulations to Sue for successfully getting this route recorded. A lot of time and effort goes into researching evidence for these applications and I am really pleased that this one has been successful.

The route provides an important link to other bridleways in the area, and it will make the bridleways it links to more accessible to riders. 

The 2026 cut-off is fast approaching and I would encourage anyone who is passionate about off-road riding to start researching the routes they ride. As this case demonstrates, just because you ride a route doesn’t mean it’s recorded.”

To find out how to check if your routes are recorded, and if not how to save them, download the BHS 2026 toolkit.


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