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Irish coach reaches the top thanks to BHS Scholarship

8 Nov 2017

Brendan Bergin, the proprietor of Bergin Equine in County Wicklow has become one of the first people to achieve their BHS Stage 5 through The British Horse Society’s scholarship program.

The BHS’ scholarship program provides successful applicants with the funds to train for their qualifications and sit their BHS assessments. The aim of the scholarship is to increase the number of qualified BHS coaches.


In July this year, the BHS launched their Equine Excellence Pathway – a world-leading qualification system suited for those that are pursuing a career in the equine industry. Brendan is one of the first people to become a ‘BHS Stage 5 Performance Coach in Complete Horsemanship’ thanks to the scholarship program.

Brendan said: “"Since I started on my BHS career path in 2006 it has always been my dream to achieve the BHS Stage 5… the BHS scholarship allowed me to receive top class training from some wonderful trainers. Without the help of the BHS scholarship I would not have achieved my BHS Stage 5.

“Thank you so much to everyone for all the help particularly my wife Michelle, Carole Broad FBHS, Jillie Rogers (BHS Stage 5) ETCM, John Mulvey, Mark Robinson (BHS Stage 4) SC SE and William Mickem FBHS, onwards a new chapter of learning has begun!"


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