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My First Pony

22 June 2017


We talk to Ros Canter about her fantastic performance at Badminton, the lovely Allstar B and her hopes for the rest of this year.

What an exciting start you’ve had to the season…

“Yes! We’ve had a really good start to the season – it’s good fun at the moment. I think it’s partly because I’ve now got a string of horses that I’ve produced myself and they’re all getting older. It’s easier to do it on horses that you know inside out.”

And that superb Badminton performance…

“I didn’t expect it because I still feel fairly amateur at that level – I haven’t had that much experience. However, after our run at Weston Park (which was All Star B’slast run before Badminton) I just felt that the cross-country really clicked.

“I knew the horse was very strong in all three phases but over the last six months I had struggled a bit with control in the cross-country. After the last run at Weston Park, I had more confidence in having control and knew that actually he doesn’t really have any weaknesses. I think it was more of a surprise that we actually managed to pull it off on the day in all three phases!”

Tell us about Allstar B…

“He is amazing! He finds it so easy. It almost makes me more nervous now to take another horse round [a course like Badminton] because I don’t think I’ll ever feel that scope that Alby has again – he just steps over them!”

He made that Badminton track look so easy…

“And it felt easy! I came away thinking ‘That was alright!’ Which is nice for him, isn’t it? It means he’ll go into the next competition and not know he’s done Badminton.”

He must give you the most amazing feeling in the cross-country…

“Oh yes, it’s brilliant, because the morning before you don’t particularly want to get out of bed and have to go and do it, but as soon as you’ve done it you want to go and do more of them! It’s good for the confidence…”

So what’s next?

“I’ve got a horse called Zenshera doing his first four star at Luhmühlen*. He’s a horse that we’ve had for quite a long time – I think we got him when he was six andhe’s now thirteen – but he’s had quite a bad leg injury and had two years out. So we’ll see how he goes.

“Then I’ve got some eight-year-olds that have just done the two star at Houghton International, so hopefully they’ll aim for the Blenheim eight- and nine-year-old class.

“And we’ll see with Alby – we’ll wait to see whether the selectors have an interest in us or not!

To read all about the four-legged-friend who started it all off for Ros – her first pony called Tinsel –  see the latest issue of British Horse magazine.

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