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Lobbying letters for Ride Out UK Month

2 June 2017

ROUKM lgoRide Out UK Month has finished and what a month! From protest parades, clearance parties and overnight hacks, it was packed with events - so let’s keep this momentum going!

In the run up to the General Election let’s ensure our equestrian voices are heard; let’s ensure we’re included on cycle routes. Let’s ensure all routes in Scotland remain equestrian friendly and not just for walkers. Let’s ensure equestrians in Northern Ireland have the access to off-road routes they deserve.

Download the letter which applies to you and send it to your parliamentary candidate. You can find them by entering in your postcode to

If you are a carriage driver please amend the attached to reflect your concerns as a carriage driver. Remember in England carriage drivers have access to only 5% of the network and in Wales to only 6%.

Let’s stand together and ensure equestrian off-road routes increase and remain accessible now and in the future.





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