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Team of Riders Aged 66 to 88 Complete 250 Mile Journey

11 July 2016

The three riders completed the journey from West Devon to Hampshire on Friday (8th July) to highlight the loss of rights of way for riders. 

The Journey for Access team, who have a collective age of 230 were led by 66 year old Catriona Cook MBE, a volunteer for The British Horse Society (BHS) and Chair of Byways and Bridleways Trust (BBT). She was joined by 76 year old Venetia Craggs, and 88 year old Lady Elizabeth Kirk. 

The trip took the riders 15 days to complete, with other equestrians joining them along the way. This is the fifth time that the BHS and BBT have joined forces, with the £800 raised going towards protecting rights of way for riders. 

Catriona Cook said: “It was a fantastic journey, near all of it off road but so sad that so many of the bridleways have been totally neglected”

“I’m thrilled we completed the journey and had such support from other equestrians who joined us for parts of the 15 days. I shall be putting forward more applications for unrecorded routes since completing this journey!”

Mark Weston, Director of Access and Rights of Way for the British Horse Society, said: “Congratulations to Catriona, Venetia and Lady Kirk for completing such a fantastic journey. Rides like this demonstrate the value of bridleways and byways to both visiting and local riders, all of whom are making a valuable contribution to the economy of the area. 

“It is not only important that we keep these routes open but we continue to add to them to provide a comprehensive and safe network not just for equestrians, but walkers and cyclists as well.”

An estimated 20,000 paths could be extinguished by 2026 if they are not officially recorded. 

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