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Over £8,200 pledged for Ride Out UK Week

26 July 2016

Ride Out UK Week 2016 (28 May-5 June) was a fantastic success with the £8,252.88 pledged to go toward the BHS Paths for Communities fund.

All the money goes directly back into opening new access for riders and carriage drivers in the UK. This year we partnered with Bridleway Equestrian to produce and distribute useful A3 Ordnance Survey maps showcasing local equestrian routes which were distributed across the 68 stores that stock the brand nationwide.

You can still view these maps on the Bridleway Equestrian website by simply clicking on the Ride Out UK Week logo of your local stockist. A big thank you to all our volunteers and Bridleway Equestrian store owners who helped us create the routes or confirm they were open and accessible. Some even offered to hold organised rides on the routes, including Myra Bennett and her husband, BHS Wiltshire Committee chair, Graham Bennett.

The British Equestrian Federation also supported the week with its Hoof brand which aims to increase participation in all forms of equestrian sport.

Fundraising is a big part of the event, with all proceeds going back into local projects. BHS Bedfordshire Committee won prizes for fundraising £500, the highest amount by a group, and Mary Nowell-Smith for donating the most as an individual. We also gave prizes for the best photo taken, showing a rider ‘exploring their scenic route’, with Access Officer Sarah Talbot-Greaves scooping the winning prizes. You can view some of the other pictures that were sent in by logging onto our Facebook site.

We also got stuck into the fun here at HQ, taking part in a hack around the BHS affiliated Radway Riding School in Warwickshire.

A massive thank you to all the organisers, marshals, fundraisers, store owners and of course, riders who took part in the activities across the UK. Over 80 events including: pleasure rides, discussions with local access officers, 2026 historical research training, evening hacks followed by BBQ’s, peaceful protest marches and clearance parties were organised.

Read the full report, including a roundup of this year’s events.

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