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New Trial Protecting Horse Riders Launches in Cornwall

17 Aug 2016


The British Horse Society has participated in a new trial scheme allowing horse riders and walkers to avoid passing through fields with livestock. 

Cornish farmers are trialling the new temporary bypass scheme, which will allow walkers and riders to safely pass through rights of way fields. Signs will give riders the option to pass along the original route, or an alternative one. 

The scheme is a collaborative project between Cornwall County Council, the BHS, the Countryside Landowners Association (CLA), NFU, HSE and the Ramblers. 
According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), in the last 15 years, 74 people have been killed by cows. It is hoped that the project will act as a precaution to minimise the potential dangers of entering fields with livestock. 

Since the BHS launched its incidents reporting website in 2010, 23 incidents involving horses and livestock has been reported to the Society. 

Once the trial is complete results will be analysed to assess whether the pilot project has been successful and whether there could be any improvements before it is rolled out across the UK. 

Gina Harvey, BHS Access Officer for Restormel in Cornwall said:  “As riders we may negotiate fields with livestock so it’s important for landowners to try and minimise any risk of an accident and for riders to consider how to proceed when entering a right of way containing livestock”

“Other organisations are keen to implement the model. We need to analyse the data from the project from both landowners and users perspective.”

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