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Historical Bridleway Restored for Horse Riders

22 Sept 2016


A bridleway in Silkstone can now be enjoyed by horse riders and cyclists, thanks to a British Horse Society volunteer.

Gale Jacques, BHS Access and Bridleways Officer for Barnsley, used maps dating back to 1820 to correctly record on the definitive map, what was showing as a footpath.

Riders can now enjoy the circular route through Hugset Wood in Yorkshire and under the M1 instead of having to ride illegally on a footpath or turn around.

Gale provided evidence from 12 local riders who had ridden the route for over 20 years, and historical maps which showed the route was a bridleway.

Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council stated the route was most likely recorded incorrectly when the M1 was constructed.

Gale said: “Other riders and I around the area have ridden this route for years so it’s great to have it correctly recorded as a bridleway on the definitive map.

“I’d like to thank the equestrians who gave evidence of where they had been riding and Georgina Hartley, County Access & Bridleways Officer for her support in my first application.”

Mark Weston, Director of Access and Rights of Way for The British Horse Society, said: “Congratulations Gale and our other volunteers who correct anomalies on their Council’s definitive map to increase equestrian routes. I would urge everyone to check their routes - just because you ride a route doesn’t mean it’s recorded.”

Riders have until 1 January 2026 to record rights of way. The Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000, states that pre-1949 routes must be recorded on a definitive map, or they will be extinguished. This will mean a loss of an estimated 20,000 routes.

To find out more about the 2026 deadline and how to save routes in your area visit the 2026 page.



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