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DfT and British Horse Society Partner Up

3 Aug 2016


In a brand new partnership announced today, The Department for Transport (DfT) are putting their support behind The British Horse Society’s (BHS) Dead Slow campaign by producing a short, public information film to show car drivers how to pass horses safely on the roads.
The BHS’s Dead Slow campaign was launched in March. In the five years since the launch of its horse accidents website, more than 2,000* reports of road incidents involving horses have been reported to the charity.
This new initiative falls under the DfT’s THINK! road safety campaign. The film uses clips from the charities original Dead Slow campaign video which has already been viewed 2.6 million times. The campaign is asking drivers to ensure that they give horses plenty of space and to slow down when they see them.
Alan Hiscox, the charities Director of Safety, said: “We know most drivers are kind and careful when they drive past horses and riders, but some aren’t. Tragically people and horses do get killed when cars come too close.  A full-grown horse weighs about the same as a Grand Piano, so if they are hit it makes a big impact - cars get written off and the people inside can get hurt.
 “With help from the DfT, we will be able to reach millions more drivers, showing them exactly how to pass a horse on the road and save people’s and horses lives.”
Transport Minister Andrew Jones said:
“Britain has some of the safest roads in the world but people should continue to be as vigilant as possible.
“We support the British Horse Society’s campaign to remind drivers when overtaking riders it is important to slow down, give plenty of room and be ready to stop.
“The Highway Code makes clear drivers must show reasonable consideration for other road users and can be prosecuted for putting horse riders in danger.”

To see the video click here. 

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