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Charity promotes Yorkshire horse rider road safety after competition win

27 July 2016

A competition won by The British Horse Society (BHS) will educate more people about how to prevent horse rider road deaths

The UK’s largest horse charity is the winner of a free bus advertising competition run by Exterion Media, Europe’s largest privately held Out-of-Home advertising business. As winners, the BHS have received £20,000 worth of advertising space on buses across Yorkshire, allowing the charity to spread its Dead Slow campaign message.

Dead? Or Dead Slow?

In the five years since the launch of its horse accidents website, over 2,000 reports of road incidents involving horses have been reported to the BHS. Of these, 36 caused rider deaths, and 181 resulted in a horse dying from their injuries or being put to sleep.

Yorkshire road incidents

In Yorkshire alone, 167 incidents have been reported, causing in the death of two riders and nine horses.
Launched on 11 July, the adverts will run for four weeks in the region.

Amy Clements, BHS Regional Manager, said: “We are asking riders to slow down to a maximum of 15mph when they see a horse on the road. A lot of people aren’t sure how to safely pass a horse on the roads, and so we launched the Dead Slow campaign to educate people about how it should be done. With the help of this free advertising space from Exterion, we hope to raise greater awareness of Yorkshire’s horse riders on the roads to keep them safe.”

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