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British Horse Society Invites Equestrians to write to their MPs

1 Nov 2016

British Horse Society Invites Equestrians to write to their MPs

Following on from the success of asking equestrians to respond to the draft Cycling and Walking Strategy The Society has written a letter to for follow this up and make sure that our voice in being heard.

To keep the momentum going we've written a template letter below for you to send to your local Member of Parliament.

You can find out who that is and email them by logging on to write to them and typing in your post code.


We need to come together in numbers to become a stronger force so let's work together to create more access for horses and carriage drivers.





Hopefully you saw the quarter page article entitled ‘Cycle Plan delayed as Equestrians get on their High Horse’ in The Times on 29 October.

The article reported that there were 3,600 responses to the Government’s Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy; 1,500 of these were from equestrians, 42% of total responses. 

Equestrians had responded to the Strategy stating how crucial it is for equestrians not to be excluded from routes. It does not make sense to remove the on-road dangers for walkers and cyclists but expecting horse riders to have to continue to endure those risks, not only to their own lives but the lives of vehicle drivers as well.

I support the Government’s ambition to encourage walking and cycling in England, however, the opportunity should not be lost to include horse riding in this worthwhile ambition. The Government’s desire to reduce each year the rate of cyclists killed or seriously injured on English roads cannot be argued, but it seems strange that the Government does not want to achieve the same for equestrians at the same time. Recent statistics show that many more equestrians (4052 hospital admissions) are injured in vehicle related accidents on the roads compared to cyclists (2820 hospital admissions).

I would be grateful if you would confirm that you support the inclusion of equestrians on these new routes, and that equestrians should not be left to contend with cars and lorries on their own when it is deemed unsafe for walkers and cyclists to remain on those roads.

Yours sincerely


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