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BHS accepts the mannequin challenge

29 Nov 2016

To coincide with Road Safety Week, The British Horse Society has released a mannequin challenge video showing the scene of a road accident involving a horse rider and car. The Society hopes the important message will save lives.

BHS Director of Safety, Alan Hiscox said: “As this is the end of Road Safety Week, this mannequin challenge, although seen as a light hearted social media trend has a very important message, for all drivers and horse riders.”

“We want to emphasise the fact that drivers should pass horses wide and slow, and at no more than 15 mph. Riders should also wear high visibility clothing at all times. We want this message to reach as many people as possible, and save lives.”

Since the BHS launched its accidents reporting website in 2010, 2,411 incidents involving horse riders on the road have been reported. Of those, 218 have resulted in the death of the horse and 38 riders have died.

In March, the BHS launched its Dead Slow campaign in response to the alarming statistics, producing a video demonstrating to drivers how to overtake horses on the road.

PCSO Sharron Underwood, who took part in the video said: “Horses can be unpredictable as they are fight or flight animals. Please slow down on your approach and pass wide and maintain a slow speed. Make sure you refrain from revving your engine when passing a horse and rider or horse and carriage”.

You can watch the video here.

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