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Ride Out UK Week – Saddle up and Explore the Scenic Route

18 Apr 2016

Love to explore new places to ride with your horse? Then make sure you take part in The British Horse Society Ride Out UK Week (28 May-5 June).

There’s nothing better than riding or carriage driving on a beautiful morning to enjoy a quiet, off-road route or access area with your equine friend.

Ride Out UK Week, formerly known as Access Week, aims to encourage all equestrians to celebrate what access their local area has to offer, explore new places to ride, engage and raise awareness with the local community of the needs of their local equestrians. Ride Out UK Week is exactly what it says it is. The BHS wants you to get out, riding local routes and spread the word about the importance of having safe off-road places to ride and carriage drive.

The week will be run in conjunction with Bridleway Equestrian (as the initiative’s fundraising partner), who will be promoting Ride Out UK Week throughout more than 65 retail stores, handing out free maps compiled by BHS volunteers and raising funds for the BHS Paths for Communities Fund. This fund helps support projects throughout the UK, creating, repairing or restoring bridleways, byways and multi-user routes for horse riders and carriage drivers.

Mark Weston, BHS Director of Access said: “We are thrilled to be partnering with Bridleways Equestrian. The funds that they raise throughout their stores will support the protection of routes all over the UK.

“We are encouraging riders of all ages and abilities to go out and explore their local routes on horseback.”

Louise Ainge, Marketing Manager for Bridleway Equestrian said: “We will be handing out maps in stores towards the end of April and putting these on our website so riders can enjoy local routes and participate in the fund-raising events which we hope will help the BHS on its ambitious campaign to keep paths open.”

The BHS is also partnering with Hoof, the participation initiative of The British Equestrian Federation (BEF) which aims to increase participation in all aspects of equestrian sport.

To take part you can go out on your own off-road ride, join a BHS organised event or hold a fundraiser to raise money for the Paths for Communities fund. Information for all these can be found on the BHS website.

The BHS has a team of HQ staff, volunteers and equestrian access groups who are dedicated to defending, extending and promoting the off-road network and they will be working hard throughout Ride Out UK Week and beyond to ensure that all routes are protected for future generations to come.

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